The Wertheim Glass Museum is maintained by the Wertheim Glass Museum Association, founded in 1973, whose strongest partners are the town of Wertheim, which provides the two buildings, and the Wertheim Special Glass Industry.

Our goals

The sponsoring association of the Wertheim Glass Museum aims to,

  • to illustrate the diversity of glass as a material - its history, production, processing and use.
  • to present contemporary glass themes on art and technology through special exhibitions,
  • Keeping lost and present-day glass techniques alive,
    to introduce children and young people to glass as a material through interactive glass
  • To let people discover play stations independently,
    to be a platform for education, research and business.

This is how you can support us as a member of the association!

  • Thanks to your membership fee, you have free admission.
    The minimum annual contribution is

    • for natural persons 15 euros,
    • Couples or families 25 euros or
    • legal entities 30 euros.
      It is possible to exceed this amount against a donation receipt.
  • With a voluntary donation in the form of money or goods against a donation receipt.
  • They actively help us in the museum service.
  • You book museum glassblowers for your anniversary, club or company event.
  • You purchase a glass replica, a Wertheim glass product or a glass souvenir from our museum shop(also available online).

Join our association

We are pleased that you would like to support us. Please simply fill out the form below. We will then contact you immediately with a confirmation.