Large Art Nouveau Roman, red (Franz Wendler)


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The glass engraver and glass cutter Franz Wendler (1913-2006), who fled from Bohemia to Rheinbach, was considered a master of his trade. "Franz Wendler produced cut and engraved unique pieces according to his own designs, including Art Nouveau Romans, friendship cups, goblets made of crystal and flashed glass. Today there are collectors of Wendler glass all over the world.
Highlights of his extensive output were several embassy commissions, such as.....a glass goblet for John F. Kennedy with an elaborate depiction of maritime history from pharaonic ships to modern tankers." (Wikipedia)

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Lead crystal glass, red stain, floral motifs, Art Nouveau style, c. 1910, engraved, baluster stem, cut, diameter 11cm, h 15cm


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