Karin Haack, Glass MuseumKarin Haack is fond of Christmas tree decorations from the 1920s and 30s: Toadstools made of frosted glass.  "The simple elegance of the exhibits fits perfectly into the "Art Déco" period," enthuses the accountant. Lauscha in the Thuringian Forest was known for the production of Christmas tree decorations. For blowing thin-walled glass balls and ornamental pendants, a particularly hot flame is needed, which has to be produced with gas. So the glassblowers benefited from the gasworks that was built in Lauscha in 1867. The fine, precise work of these Thuringian Christmas tree ornament glassblowers is the cradle of the later laboratory glass industry.Every year at Christmas time, the GLASMUSEUM WERTHEIM reminds us of this with its large "Christmas tree ornaments made of glass" exhibition, which is now known beyond the region, with a bazaar and the popular ball-blowing event.The largest exhibit is the "Thuringian tree" in the entrance hall: a 4m high real fir tree, equipped with over 500 glass figurine elements made of glass.

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