Evi Petzold, Glass Museum"Drink well, live forever" is written on Evi Petzold's favourite piece. A fragile net of cut, three-coloured flashed glass encircles the bell-shaped body. As diatret glass ("pierced", Latin), Roman glassmakers produced magnificent drinking cups from the first century onwards. Josef Welzel cut a specimen according to the Roman Cologne model. Evi Petzold has been fascinated by this art since 1988. At that time, she visited the exhibition "Glass of the Caesars" in Cologne. One of the exhibits was a diatret glass from the 4th century. "I was just as enthusiastic about the original as I was about Josef Welzel's work," says the glass connoisseur.

Whether it is cut out of a flashed glass or out of two glasses that have been made into each other and then reground has been the subject of controversial discussions between our member Rosemarie Lierke (mathematician) and above all the Corning Museum (USA) since the 1990s.

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